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"Put your big, black cock in my ass!"

Featuring: Victoria Sky and Scorpio
Date: June 4th, 2012
Photos: 45
Looks like you're getting a welcome back fuck, Victoria. "That's exactly what this is! [Laughs.] I came to your studio and saw this stud and I said, 'Put your big, black cock in my ass!' He couldn't wait to slide it in. To be honest, neither could I!" In the July '11 issue you told us you were a freak.. "And now you can see I wasn't lying! I think that every woman is a secret freak; she just has to find an outlet for it. Some women like attention from just one man; I like it from lots of men. When I fuck on-camera, I have one man inside of me and lots of men watching me get pounded hard. I like that." So you are a true exhibitionist. Tell us about being watched. "I dated this guy who would like to get fresh with me in public. It started off with little things.

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