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Caramel Cushion

Featuring: Victoria Sky
Date: February 29th, 2012
Photos: 40
Hi, Victoria. We're glad you're here at BootyLicious mag. "Me, too! My friend told me that you guys are located in Miami, and since I live here, I couldn't wait to show off my fat Cuban ass! Tell us what you like to do in sunny Miami? What do you do for a living? "Well, I love to spend time on the nude beach. There is nothing like being naked in the sun and knowing that everyone is looking at your body. When I am not naked and on the sand, I am a bartender at Wet Willie's, which is a famous bar on South Beach. I love my job because I get to meet a lot of different men from all over the world and because when I am off the clock, I can go dancing right after with some of my customers!" And all you do is dance with these guys? Come on! We don't believe that. "[Laughs.] Okay, so sometimes I fuck them, too. But it depends. I like guys who are very assertive and confident. If a man takes control and takes ME out for a night on the town in MY city, then I'll consider giving him some ass." .

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