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Featuring: Shanna Ryun and Enzo Lorenzo
Date: April 20th, 2017
Photos: 51
If you're lookin' for freedom, look no further than our latest bad white chick Shanna Ryun. She's got the word tatted right above her phat vanilla can, and being the ass-lovers that we are, we always knew we felt the freest bangin' bad bitches from the back. Shanna knows exactly what the combination of her curves and thick 'donk does to guys like us. "I just want someone to come and fuck me," she says laid out on her couch. "Anybody. Just come and get it. I want him." The lucky guy she chose is our boy, Enzo. And he knows just what to do with a thick white chick hoping to be filled with dick. Shanna doesn't waste any time gettin' down and slobbering on Enzo's knob when he pulls it out of his pants. This is a chick who deepthroats with the best of them, and she's showing off her skills here.

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October 27, 2018
I'd love to free myself inside Shanna's ass.

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