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Date: June 3rd, 2009
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Welcome to BootyLicious, Sensuous! We love your ass. "You ain't the only one lovin' this ass because this here is a lot of ass to love. I have a fan club with lots of members. People always say, 'Sensuous, how did you get an ass that big?' I always tell them the same thing. It takes a lot of cum to grow your ass this big. Cum in your pussy, ass and all up inside your mouth, too." How much cum would you say you've gobbled up? "Let's just say if there is a big dick in my vicinity, chances are it's pointed at me. And I can't deny a man his pleasure because I am a giver, baby. I just love to make men feel good. I tell them to come to Sensuous. Then I tell them to cum in Sensuous, too.

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