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Packin' Mounds of Pleasure

Featuring: Pleasure Mia
Date: November 21st, 2011
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Well, well, well..welcome back to BootyLicious, Pleasure. We missed you and your very fine ass! "[Laughs.] And I missed modeling and showing off this very fine ass. I actually took some time off to visit my family in the Dominican Republic and then I went back to school and got my degree. Now, I am back to modeling and traveling around for a year until I decide whether I want to go back to school for my masters. I have to say that I really have missed my fans and doing lots of kinky things on camera!" We hate to point out the obvious, but is your ass even bigger? "[Laughs.] Oh, you know it is! I think that they call that the Freshman 15, when you go to college and gain 15 pounds. Well, I must have gained it in my booty because it just won't stop getting bigger and bigger. I think my brains and my ass grew while I was in school. But it looks good, right? I love the way my ass looks in a tiny skirt and I show it off a lot. Do you guys think it looks good when I'm naked?" Are you putting that booty to good use in the bedroom? "Well, I haven't done anal yet, but you know I'm a freak, so I love to sit my big ole' ass on a guy's face and ride it. There is nothing like feeling a man's tongue buried deep in your asshole while you grind your booty on his mouth.

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August 04, 2013
I have never felt lust like this for ass. My cock is raging with lust. It feels so good to be all alone in my silky nylon women's panties with this gorgeous big black ass flooding my mind. I want to rub my cock on this ass until I cum spurts all over her. Thank you so much!

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