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From the beach to the sheets

Featuring: Luscious Louis and J Mac
Date: July 2nd, 2015
Photos: 40
When you're hanging out on South Beach, you never really get a chance to appreciate the tropical paradise surrounding you. How could you? Not with phat-assed dime pieces taking a dip in the ocean and walking up and down the streets. Our boy JMac knows all about this. In fact, one bangin' mama has already caught his eye. The girl is Luscious Louis, and he's doing his best to be discreet while checking her out as she makes her way back to her apartment. Though, as Louis nears her apartment, JMac just can't help himself and he reaches over and snaps her thong, which is sticking out of her jeans. For a moment, she appears to be shocked and then flattered. She likes what she sees. And if he liked the view of her ass when she was walking, he's going to love the view when he's hittin' it from the back.

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