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Lush Latina

Featuring: Lizzy Aguilar
Date: May 16th, 2011
Photos: 40
Lizzy, everytime you return to BootyLicious, your ass looks bigger..
"[Laughs.] Well, that is because I am Puerto Rican and we eat a lot of rice and beans. That is how I keep this ass big and growing. If women want bigger asses, rice and beans is the solution! That's the Latina secret!" Can you give us some tips on how an ass like yours should be handled?
"Oh, yes! I would love to do that because a lot of people get overwhelmed when they see a big ass like mine and all they want to do is spank it. There are more things to do with a big ass. For starters, when you undress a woman with a big butt, you should pull her panties down and bite her ass gently. That is a big turn-on." Okay, so some soft biting is necessary. What else is ass appropriate?
"You can spank an ass nice and hard, but don't just stop there. You have to spank a cheek and then rub it after to ease the sting. Don't just slap it and that's it. And don't be afraid to grab it and squeeze it really hard.

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September 12, 2012
Lizzy is the definition of "Bootylicious"!!

Absolutely incredible.

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