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Good Vibrations

Featuring: Layla Monroe and Tony Rubino
Date: July 31st, 2014
Photos: 43
Cali girl Layla Monroe is the type of chick that will try just about anything once. And if she likes it, she'll do it several more times. Especially when it comes to items on Layla's extensive fuck-it list. But there's still at least one thing left on Layla's list. Layla wants to be a member of the mile-high club. Looking as good as she does, we'd bet our frequent flyer miles that there are men in every corner of the globe willing to help gain membership. "I'd love to have sex on a plane," Layla said. "We could fuck in the little bathroom or something." With an ass as phat as Layla's, passengers would have to prepare for a little extra turbulence. She has enough junk in her caramel rump to cause a minor earthquake (or ass-quake). Our boy Tony Rubino knows how to handle these tremors, though.

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