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Lana Sky

Featuring: Lana Sky
Date: March 25th, 2009
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Welcome to BootyLicious, Lana. Tell us why you like to be naked in the great outdoors. "Honestly, I love to be naked all the time. But outdoors is even better because I get to feel the breeze on my nipples and pussy and it really turns me on. I love lounging by the pool and relaxing until I get turned on and then I play with my clit." Don't you worry about peeping Toms? "That's part of the excitement! I always start off with the intention of relaxing and then I start fantasizing that someone is watching me, so I spread my ass cheeks nice and wide and start fingering my tight asshole. Or I'll lick my fingers and slide them right into my pussy and start masturbating. Once, I did get caught by a neighbor.".

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