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Featuring: Keita Eden
Date: May 14th, 2012
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Welcome back to BootyLicious, Keita. What is new with you? "Well, since I did XXX in the April '11 issue, I have been doing a lot of traveling with different ballers. And when I say ballers, I mean actual professional athletes. They have so much endurance! [Laughs.] I guess you can say I have beaus in different area codes! I really enjoy being flown somewhere for a weekend of partying and wild sex. I do nothing but shop, get dolled up and then take care of whichever boo is taking care of me." What kind of kinky lovin' are you getting? "One guy flew me to New York and we went to a fancy restaurant in the city. While we were at the table, I whispered that I wasn't wearing any panties and I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was into that. As soon as we finished our meal, he took me up to the roof and showed me the city skyline. While he pointed out the buildings, he worked his hand up my dress. I pressed my ass against his hard dick and I told him to fuck me right there. He did and when I came, I screamed so loudly, that the whole city must have heard me!" It sounds like you are enjoying the whirlwind travel and being catered to. "I really love the perks that come along with pimpin' all over the world, but truth be told, I would rather find a nice guy in my home state of Georgia and settle down.

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