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Give Her What She Deserves

Featuring: Joei Deluxxxe and J Mac
Date: May 7th, 2015
Photos: 76
"I love bad boys," Joei Deluxxxe told us. "I like guys who ride bikes and any man who welcomes danger. I think most girls like a guy that's a little bit dangerous. Guys like that keep things interesting." We had no choice but to pair Joie with the baddest dude in our stable after she told us this. Our boy JMac knows how to handle chicks with a thirst for danger and lust for cock. When you're with a girl like Joei, you have to be aggressive and use her as your personal fuck toy. "I love being dominated," Joei said. "I can't deal with shy guys. If you want something, you better come and get it. I need you to fuck me the way a girl like me deserves." A girl like Joei needs her pussy beaten up and her ass covered in spunk.

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