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100% Dark Chocolate

Featuring: Hershey Bryant
Date: October 13th, 2010
Photos: 34
Welcome back, Hershey. In the April '09 issue you were fucking and now.. "Now I am back showing you my ass because it grew two more inches. [Laughs.] Maybe all that fucking made my ass grow? What do you guys think? I love that my ass is bigger, but it's really a pain because it doesn't fit in any of my clothes anymore. I have ripped through a few pairs of jeans already and none of my shorts fit anymore. When I wear them, my ass completely hangs out of the back and you can see the outline of my pussy lips. I can't be out on the street in coochie cutters like that. I'll start some drama or cause accidents with my ass!" If you ask us, we think you should walk around naked. "[Laughs.] I am a stripper, so you know; I am comfortable with being naked. I love my body, too, so I see no problem with showing it off. But I can't be naked all the time. I mean, just the other day I was at the supermarket and some guy knocked over an entire stand of canned goods because he was checking out my ass and wasn't watching where he was going.

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December 29, 2010
Love the ass hershey
October 14, 2010
hi maria,

its a pity you could post only 34 pics of Hershey in this photo set.... and the same beggars belief !!

Booty models having an ass half her size get to have 100
pics on a photo set... and that is just not on !!

Having a great booty as Hershey to pose for you... Score can
do much better !!

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