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Rump Rider

Featuring: Danesha Marquel
Date: December 17th, 2012
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Welcome back Danesha. The last time we saw you in the April '08 issue, you were dancing at the club.. "Yes, I was. But then I went to school and now I work as a service technician at a specialty auto shop for foreign sports cars. So I went from giving lap dances to working on people's suspensions and fuel lines. [Laughs.] It was a big career move, but I have always loved cars and when you think about it, it really isn't that much different than working at a strip club. I mean, I deal with mostly men and they still want to see me naked and fuck my big ass!" Do guys try and get discounts by flirting with you? "Oh, they flirt with me, but I think they are trying to get some ass, not a discount. This one guy would bring his Benz to my shop and tell me there was something wrong with it, but I couldn't diagnose the problem. After two months, he admitted that he just wanted to holler at me and just didn't know how. I was really flattered." Now we want to know if you've ever gotten busy at work! "Well, I did one time, but it wasn't with a was with my boss! We worked late onenight and one thing led to another. Before I knew it, we were fucking in someone's Porsche!".

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December 18, 2012
Danesha has one of the hottest bodies around. I just love her ass and the back of her thighs. I also love her pussy hair. This woman is incredible.

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