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Your Cream Dream

Featuring: Chelsea Mourning and Dredd
Date: February 7th, 2013
Photos: 40
Nice to see you again, Chelsea! In the January '11 issue you posed by a pool.. "And all by my lonesome! I know. But then I saw this big dick and I had to come back and get myself a piece of it. I can never turn down a big, black dick, especially when I can't even wrap my hand around it! Trust me when I tell you after I fucked it, I was walking really funny for days!" Don't you have a girlfriend? Did she mind that you got turned out? "Yes I do and she was watching my pussy get split by this dick the whole time. I even caught her playing with her pussy while she watched. She loved every second of it. We share guys all the time!" What was the best thing about this scene for you? "I loved the doggie-style. I must have cum like five times in a row. But I also loved the mouth-load of cum, too. It was delicious.".

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