A Perfect Cut Diamond

A Perfect Cut Diamond

They say that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but Blu Diamond is the type of thick chick a Booty Man wants to be his friend with benefits.

"I wear booty shorts every," Blu said. "I only wear outfits that are tight, short and revealing."

While we do think Blu would look good in anything, we're definitely not dudes who are going to argue with a bad bitch like her about wearing revealing clothing. Especially not when she's slowly teasing us by poppin' her trunk and slipping off her animal print lingerie. Watching her do this makes the animal want to come out of us.... something that's already in our nature when it comes to bad bitches like this. Thankfully, Blu isn't the type of chick that will leave your balls blue.

"I need to fuck every day," Blu said. "Usually, I fuck about two or three times per day. I'm addicted to getting off. I'm addicted to dick."

This is why we call her a perfect diamond.

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Featuring: Blu Diamond
Date: April 7th, 2014
Photos: 40

Member Comments

11 months ago 
@sami, Absolutely. I keep coming back here.
1 year ago 
Haw damn. The rule of thumb I find that if the models are any good at dancing, they can usually pose extraordinarily, and Blu here is a great example of that - - she looks so fucking sexy twisting and contorting her body that way, and her face is so damn gorgeous. Her big, Texas booty also wonderful to behold. Ah, I wish I could just... Reach into my screen and... Jump in here with her, lol.
1 year ago 
Dayum. Blu gorgeous, with perfectly-shaped everythings, and long longs that go on and on...
8 years ago 
Hot & sexy butt.
8 years ago 
An ass and a face to die for. I'm in love

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