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Picnic Pounding

Featuring: Barbie Banx and J.T.
Date: December 16th, 2009
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Welcome back to BootyLicious, Barbie. Thanks for going all the way outdoors! "That's right! From time to time, when the mood hits me, I can be somewhat of an exhibitionist and I guess that I was in the mood for this shoot because we did the dirty right in someone's backyard and there were people watching us and it made it even better. I kept looking at all of them while I was getting fucked." What other situations have you been in that you were an exhibitionist, Barbie? "Okay, I cannot believe I am going to tell you this story, but here it goes. This one time I was at a BBQ at my friend's house and this guy that was there was checking me out. We ended up going up to one of the bedrooms and getting a little frisky, but then we stepped out on the balcony and got busy! And it overlooked the entire BBQ, so I was getting fucked and people were looking up at me and watching and talking dirty. And I could tell that a lot of the guys were turned on because they were grabbing their dicks while they watched and licking their lips, too. I kept making eye contact with them." Did you get down with any of the guys that were watching that same day? "Not that same day, but the next day I did. One of the guys that was watching happened to bump into me at the grocery store the next day. The minute I saw him, I recognized him and I started smiling. I knew he recognized me, too, because he was trying to holler at me.

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