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Pretty hot and tempting

Featuring: Navaeh Lopez
Date: April 10th, 2015
Duration: 13:42
Mama always said you shouldn't talk to strangers, but mama never got a look at Navaeh Lopez. She's a thick lil' dime piece built for all the dirty things that make fucking fun. She's thin in the waist, boasts 38 inches of ass jelly and has dick-sucking-lips. "Do you want to give me a ride," Navaeh asks as his car pulls up beside her. "I'm not sure," he responds. "Will it be worth my time." "It will be worth both of our time," Navaeh says confidently. "How about I jump in and give you a good time?" That sounds like a plan. Navaeh and Matt ride back to his house, and they're both ready to go. "Your ass is pretty phat," he remarks. "It's pretty hot and tempting." Indeed it is.

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