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Favorite side of Gemini

Featuring: Gemini Lovell and Juan Largo
Date: March 14th, 2014
Duration: 24:45
Gemini is more than just a name to this thick chick. It's who she is. Gemini is a freak who likes to get down and dirty, but she has a shy side, too. There's definitely two sides to this chick. "Sometimes I'll walk up to a guy and tell him I want to fuck," she said. "Other times, I'll be out at a club or some place else and I'll wait for him to approach me. I can be very aggressive, but sometimes I'm very shy." Today, Gemini isn't feeling very shy. She's bouncing and clapping her phat, chocolate trunk as soon as our boy Juan walks into the room. Lying on the bed, Gemini demands that Juan eat her pussy. He gleefully devours her sweet pussy.

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