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Siren�s Song

Featuring: Sara Siren
Date: May 30th, 2014
Duration: 14:17
Sara, lookin' as sexy and thick as any white chick we've ever featured, is a bit parched so she fills her bottle up with some fresh water from a nearby cooler. Being the freaky chick that she is, she decides to tease us first. With a firm grip on the bottle, she sucks and licks on it as if it's our erect cocks there in its place. Shit, we wish it were our cock because Sara has some serious skills. That was just a warm up for Sara, though. When she gets nice and hot, she pours the water all over her vanilla ass and makes it clap. "You like that?" Sara asks as she teases us with her ass. "You want to fuck me?" She knows the answer to that, but we're more than happy to watch her play. She smacks her ass and plays with her pussy a bit, getting her pink pussy wet and juicy with her juices. Then, Sara pulls out her favorite toy, a pink vibrator, and fucks her cunt until she pushes herself to a loud orgasm.

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