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Tossin� Romain Lettuce

Featuring: Sandra Romain
Date: April 17th, 2014
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It's always special when an extra-thick Euro chick comes around. That's especially true of the aptly named Romanian babe, Sandra Romain. Because we do try to stay healthy here at BootyLicious. And there's nothing we'd love more than a taste of Romain's lettuce. Our boy Jordan Ashley can't get enough of tossin' a healthy helping of pussy salad, so it's a good thing Sandra is offering up some of the best California has to offer. "Guys fall in love with me because of pussy," Sandra said. "And, yeah, because my last name is Romain a lot of them joke that they want to toss my lettuce. If they're cute, I usually let them." Sandra is such a nice girl, isn't she? Especially when she's being a down and dirty bad girl like she is with our boy Jordan. She's poppin' her onion booty and pussy on Jordan like she hasn't gotten a good piece of dick in weeks. "I can't get enough of fucking," Sandra said.

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