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Poundin' Pleasure

Featuring: Pleasure Mia
Date: February 27th, 2009
Photos: 80
Pleasure Mia is one of those bootied babes that has a great ass and a beautiful face. What we typically refer to as a "dime piece" because you want to show her off. But you don't have to tell Pleasure that she is fine, because she knows it. "I have guys tell me that I am pretty all the time, but they are intimidated by my looks, so they keep their distance. I don't want a shy guy! I want a guy who can take charge and step to me and win me over. Like Carlos, here. He came with confidence, so I gave him some booty. Take that as a lesson, all you horny men out there. If you want something, you gotta come and get it. Don't think you can just throw a compliment and that will be enough.

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December 29, 2010
Score as far as being innovative with your technology you guys
are by far the best in the game no other adult site comes
close, the zip files, pop-out pics and the many other features
you have you guys are simply the best.

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