Big Booty Photos » Long, Dark Hair and Big Ole' Derriere!

Long, Dark Hair and Big Ole' Derriere!

Featuring Neecie Hardy
Date November 14th, 2011
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"I'm pretty good, right? [Shakes ass and laughs.] Well, I am actually from Miami. I am a full-time dancer and I am also a big basketball fan and I watch the Miami Heat play all the time. I'd fuck Dwyane Wade in a heartbeat!" So, you have a lot of ass and a lot of hair, Neecie. What's up with that? "Guys like girls with long hair and I like having extra-long hair. Since I am an exotic dancer, I use it to my advantage. I plant my fat ass on a guy when I give a lap dance and while I vibrate my booty on him, I tell him to pull my hair." Now, you know we have to ask you, Neecie. Is there ever sex in the champagne room? "[Laughs.] Now you know I can't speak for everyone at the club. Have I had sex in the VIP room? [Laughs and covers mouth.] Oh, okay fine. Yes, I did it. But it was with my man at the time.

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