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Music To Our Ears

Featuring: Leenuh Kai
Date: May 14th, 2015
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Leenuh Kai is a super freak. She's the type of girl who picks guys up, brings them back to her place and fucks their brains out. She doesn't have time to waste, so if she wants you she gets you. "I'm not one of those shy girls," Leenuh says. "Some of my girl friends will tell me they think a guy is hot, but nothing happens because the guy is too shy. I don't get it. Just go over to him and tell him what you want. It's easy." Ah, words like this are music to our ears. If a slim-in-the waist, phat-in-the-ass chick like Leenuh walked up to us and said she wanted to fuck, we probably wouldn't be patient enough to make it back to her place. We would be trying to fuck her right then and there.

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