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Date August 12th, 2009
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Welcome to BootyLicious, Kiki. We hate to be corny, but your pussy makes us want to putt and hit a hole-in-one with our big clubs. "Thank you. I do have a nice pussy, don't I? I heard that only gentlemen play golf, so I am learning how to play so that I can land myself a rich, older man who'll treat me right. Thugs hit on me all the time and I am looking for a gentleman in the street and a freak in the bedroom. I hear that older guys have no problem eating pussy for hours and that's how I get off the best." What else do you like men to do to you? "I like men who are not too full of themselves and are adventurous. So when I am with a man, I like it when he isn't afraid to do all the kinky things I want to. I like to get fucked outdoors and I like a man who can do that with me. I also like it when they're not afraid to lick my tight asshole, too.".

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