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Your Private Dancer

Featuring: Jada Stevens
Date: May 1st, 2014
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We've all been there before. You know those nights when the night still feels young and you're lookin' for just a bit more fun. So, you and all your boys roll up to your favorite strip joint, and as soon as you walk in, there's that one chick that catches your eye. If your tastes are similar to ours, this dancer probably has firm, thick thighs, endless curves and an ass that just won't quit. That sounds a lot like this bangin' blonde bitch Jade Stevens, doesn't it? "I wish you could lick this wet pussy," she says with a moan as rubs her pretty pink pussy lips on our stage. Her cunt looks incredibly delectable, but we don't mind watching Whooty play. Especially once she pulls out her favorite toy, a long purple dildo, and goes to work on her coochie. Jada's moans grow steadily until her body begins to quiver and she lets out loud orgasm. "Oh, I'm cumming!" She shouts. "I'm cumming." With private dances like this, you'd better believe we'll be back again for another dance.

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