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Tan Can Takedown

Featuring Giselle Humes
Date July 21st, 2010
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In the Feb. '09 issue you were fucking, too, Giselle.. "And now I'm fucking again!" says Giselle, laughing. "It's so good that I had to come back for more. You know what they say about Latina girls? That we are hornier and nastier than the rest and it is 100 percent true. I think about fucking 24/7 and when I need it, I don't have a hard time getting it." In the Dec. '08 mag, we talked about sex tricks.. "Yes, I told you about how I make a sundae in my pussy for my lovers to eat. Well, lately I've needed a lot of ass love, too. I like to feel a man's tongue in my asshole and his hot breath as he licks me.

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