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Pale Rider

Featuring: Ellie May
Date: August 23rd, 2012
Photos: 43
Ellie May is one of those thick white chicks with a fat ass and a horny disposition who likes to be fucked with loads of gusto. She told us that she likes guys who can manhandle her and hit it from the back. Why is doggie-style this cutie-pie's favorite position? Because she likes it when a man drills her and spanks her chunky caboose. "Spanking turns me on. I like to be fucked really hard and then be spanked just as I am about to cum. It makes my pussy get really tight and makes the orgasm that much better. I also like a lot of dirty talk. If you want me to fuck you like a naughty slut, you have to talk to me like I am one." We like a girl who knows how she likes it and Ellie likes it raw! .

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April 04, 2013
I was just looking at Ellie's pics from and thinking I WOULD OMG MARRY HER FOR THOSE THICK GODDESS DREAM PUSSY LIPS-OMG OMG!!!!! This set doesn't show them very good, but at you can see them displayed PERFECTLY, OMG HER LABIA RE HEAVEN THICK GODDESS GORGEOUS, they make my COCK THROB, I WOULD ABSOLUTELY MARRY HER JUST FOR HER LABIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
August 24, 2012
Here is how you spell superstar: "E l l i e M a y". Ellie is that rare trifecta of super cute, super sexy, and super slutty. In other words, the perfect woman! I don't think I need to ask because I am sure I will be seeing much more of Ellie in the future.

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