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Starr Gazing

Featuring: Diamond Starr
Date: April 24th, 2014
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Generally, we aren't the star gazing types, but a delectable, celestial body like Diamond's would make us consider a degree in ASS-stronomy. She's rockin' her much-too-skimpy-for-a-worksite jumper, which, thankfully, leaves nothing to the imagination. Now our boy Big Pike is ready to do much more than gaze. "You ready to nail that ass?" Diamond says to Pike as he saunters into the warehouse. Diamond may not be aware, but Pike's got the type of tool needed to nail this chick from every angle. After a bit of pussy and booty poppin' while deep-throating Pike's cock, Diamond bends over and lets him slide his heavy slice of man-meat inside her. "Oh yeah, you like my pussy, don't you," Diamond moans as twerks on his cock. "I like your dick." You're damn right Pike likes the tasty chocolate cunt she's serving up, and he pops a torrent of cum on her ass to show her just how much. .

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