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Rockabilly Rump

Featuring Chelsea Mourning
Date January 19th, 2011
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Welcome to BootyLicious, Chelsea. You've got a hot, white booty..
"Thanks! I am really excited to be here because I am a big fan and so is my girlfriend. We like to look at the girls in the magazine and get turned on and then we will fuck each other. Sometimes we like to role play and one of our favorite scenarios is that she is a photographer for BootyLicious magazine and I'm a new model. I strip for her and she takes pictures and then she takes me down to the floor and fingers my pussy while she eats my ass from behind. It's sexy."

So does your girl have a big booty, too? And do you like cock, Chelsea?
"The answer to both of your questions is yes. My girl's Cuban and she has a huge, tan ass. And we have a boyfriend that has a nice, big cock! We are not a couple, we're actually a threesome.

That's sexy. Your man is a lucky guy tappin' all that ass.
"Well he is because he is our man for now. Until we get bored.

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