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California Booty Girls!

Featuring: Aaliyah Envy
Date: 11/26/2010
Duration: 19:01 min.
Aaliyah Envy is a California girl and one look at her fat caboose will make you wish that they were all California girls! She starts off in a skin-tight dress with half her ass hanging out (Which is EXACTLY how booty girls should be dressed.) and then she practically rips her clothes off to get some action from this lucky bastard. She straddles his face and jiggles her ass while this guy eats her choco-taco and he does a great job because in no time, she has her fingers wedged in her asshole and is jack-hammering them in and out. And since Aaliyah is a nice girl, she returns the favor by giving him some slow head. Once his meat is ready for some action, she mounts his junk and rides him with her tight pussy. How do we know it's tight? Because you can hear it squeeze and squish this guy's meat while she rides him. She throws that ass in the air for some doggie-style and then once she's done screamin' she's ready for creamin' and takes a load on her huge round brown.

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March 26, 2012
Another gorgeous and sexy lady from Bootylicious! I'm so happy I got this website- I LOVE beautiful & sexy ladies with ample booties; they inspire me to come a lot, just like her lucky partner in this video.

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