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Featuring: Skyy Black and Enzo Lorenzo
Date: January 11th, 2013
Duration: 18:44
Skyy Black has no time for small talk. She just has time for one thing and that's the dick. That's why when this scene starts, she is already on her knees giving this guy a sloppy, loud blowjob. You see, her friend is in the other room getting fucked, too, and Skyy is hell-bent on getting louder and nastier than she is. She sucks this cock like she is trying to drain it with just her mouth. Then she throws her fat, chocolate ass up in the air and dares this guy to pound her fat pussy until she cums. If you like a dirty talker, Skyy is your girl. She is hollering and cursing from the minute this guy gets the tip in. She gets pounded and then she is back to sucking cock and slurping up her pussy juice from this guy's rod. She gets that cock nice and wet and then she tells this guy to fuck her ass.

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