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Midwestern booty gets Miami dick

Featuring: Brandi Sparks and Juan Largo
Date: February 26th, 2016
Duration: 30:32
Big-assed Brandi Sparks from Ohio puts on an ass show in her first on-camera fuck for First, she wiggles her ass in the camera while her stud slaps it up and down. Then she gets on all fours to chug down the stud's cock, and while she's doing so, she's giving us good views of her ass. And that big, Midwestern booty is still on display when Brandi fucks. "I like that somebody's finally paying attention to my ass," Brandi said. "My boobs always end up drawing all the attention." Well, she came to the right place to get some proper respect for her booty. Brandi says she's easygoing and laid back. "I'm pretty simple when it comes to dates. I enjoy dinner and movies or even just staying in to watch a movie or play video games." But then again.."I love a guy who knows what he wants and takes it. I've had sex in a church parking lot, at a rest stop and at a state park." And now, on the Internet for the entire world to see.

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